We are what we eat and we fake our bodies every day. Nowadays we are attacked from all sides with rubbish food – highly chemically processed. I am a little frightened by that. Our eating habits have changed direction quickly and cheaply. And whether you still remember the real taste of country bread, milk straight from the cow, or juices and products from your home garden.

I remember exactly these tastes because they are tastes of my childhood. Every vacation I spent with my family in a typical Polish village. I would like to share with you my banal discovery. The healthier we eat, the more we exercise sport (any movement, even long walks), the brighter our mind will be, we will feel healthy, we will not be left with good humor, we will not be affected by any diseases or diseases, we will be filled only with positive energy. If this is the case, it is the ideal way to make our dreams come true.


Achieving your goals is a laborious and time-consuming process. In fact, nothing comes easy and pleasant in life, everything has its price. Even if we get something easy, we will not appreciate it. Believe me, that the taste of fulfilled dreams preceded by our work and energy is much more appetizing.

Traveling the last 4 years around the world, living abroad, getting to know dozens of fantastic people, I learned something more about myself and about life. Firstly, we have only one life, let us not postpone anything until later, let us not remember the past, let us not be afraid for the future. Let us simply live here and now! For me, the only thing that counts is the present time. Today I am a happy, healthy and conscious person. It is I who decides about my life, my work, my friends. If something doesn’t suit me, I just change it.


I can now write about myself, but that was not always the case. Once I didn’t feel as confident as I did today, there were many restrictions in my head and I supplied my body with bad fuel. Food has a huge impact on who we are and how we think. By choosing this chemical with flavor enhancers (e.g. sweets, crisps, colored drinks) we are disturbing our internal harmony. It is needed to keep the mind clear, to have the energy to act and to make sound choices.

The most convenient is to spread out on the sofa and watch the TV every day after work, eating crisps and drinking cola. It is convenient to envy others their successes and achievements, and not to make any attempt to fulfill them yourself. All you need to do is move around, take a small first step, make a move. We will not achieve what we want immediately, because life is the way forward. Driving at night by car from Warsaw to Krakow we have an illuminated road only a few meters in front of us. However, we know that we will eventually reach Krakow. It is the same in life, we want to fulfill our dream, but we don’t know how to achieve it. The answer is simple – we can do it in small steps. After all, Rome was not built right away, wasn’t it?


A few years ago, I changed my food habits. From my everyday diet, I completely got rid of everything that contained more than two “Es”, means flavor enhancers, artificial colorings, artificial taste. I stopped supplying my body with any chemistry. Each day I start with a magic potion, which everyone will find in their kitchen. I squeeze lemon juice, add mineral water and sweeten it with a teaspoon of honey. I recommend my favorite Manuka honey.


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