Business trends in 2018

Which industries will be favored by the economic situation next year? Which areas are worth investing in because they will grow? Where can I find inspiration for my first business? Which business trends dominate?


Last year, chatbots were used more extensively to communicate with customers in almost every business area. But in order for a chatbot to be able to carry out a sensible and effective conversation with a customer, it needs to be properly designed and programmed. There are already platforms on the market on which you can build chatbot and use it for your needs. However, the whole communication structure needs to be designed by the chatbot. And this gives space to create a business, because for sure at least a few years, such services will be needed.


Unfortunately, Poland is still a country with low productivity (we have written about it many times). Entrepreneurs receive IT systems that streamline and automate their work. Start-ups that design and develop applications that automate work currently constitute a large part of the start-up environment, and new industry and business needs and ideas for solving them are constantly appearing. One thing is certain – the coming years will bring an increase, not a decrease, in interest in automation.


Globalisation surrounds us almost everywhere. Where we wouldn’t leave, we have the same restaurants, clothing shops, groceries in the shops. Get to know, Lisbon or Frankfurt? It doesn’t matter anymore – we have the same shoes and jackets, the same branded earphones and the same contractors on the mp3 phone. This unification for the Millennium generation, Y, and Zetek, is beginning to be tiring. They want to stand out, and this means that personalized products are gaining popularity. Give them a personal, unique character (even if they really come from the net). Every business that relies on personalization has a chance to be quite successful.


On a similar trend, which in fact is more of a sociological than a business trend, is also based on another, strongly developing business, providing experiences. Only 3 years ago, there were only a few Escape Rooms in Poland. Today, there are over 100 of them (and most of them have 2-3 rooms each). The Rage Room is also an invention that is just over 2 years old. An ax throw to the target – a complete novelty. The experience is followed by both private individuals and companies, which are trying to create the most attractive form of integration events for their employees. Do you have an idea in this regard? It will certainly be sold in 2018!

Internet of Things

That is, equipped with an IT system and communication in virtually everyday life. On the market, we already have toothbrushes with the option of personalization (if we want to share the body with the whole family) and an application that tells us if we have certainly washed every tooth thoroughly. It will also keep statistics of how thoroughly and often we brush our teeth. We collect data on the calorific value of a meal and make sure we don’t eat too fast. Such details as a food-order fridge or a window equipped with a rain sensor, humidity sensor, and timer with the ability to control the application when we are on holiday in Thailand not even worth mentioning. The Internet and the system can be equipped with virtually everything. So if you have an innovative idea, now is the ideal time to bring it to market.


A manual robot is still included. From jewelry to clothing, decorations, furniture to less frequent services, such as wristwatch straps, mini gardens in light bulbs and gadgets for pets. It takes little time to start production, apart from (or up to) talent. The problem may be distribution (breakthrough of numerous competitors) and developing a brand on the market. Craftsmen’s networks and social networks help.


The Lonely Planet Tourist Guide identifies Poland as one of the TOP 10 Best Value Places To Travel in 2018, with cheap flights developing rapidly in Poland. The number of international bus connections is also growing. Due to two free Sundays in the month, Poles will probably also travel more often for the weekend. All these data speak for themselves: tourism in Poland is developing. And this gives a wide range of scope for action within it.

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