The right number of clothes for every occasion to reach their destination in the most intact condition (without creasing or damaging), while minimizing the size of the suitcase – these are the most important features of baggage taken on a business trip!

The principle that “less is more” is particularly relevant in this case. Mainly because it is most convenient to go on a business trip with one suitcase and you need to pack it all the necessary clothes, as well as accessories and cosmetics.

First of all, think about what kind of luggage you want to travel with? Will it be a bag with a hanger for suits, or maybe a sports bag? I recommend a handy, classic wheeled case – especially if you want to use your own shoulder to carry a laptop bag. The suitcase has a rigid frame, it is quite easy to pack into it, there is plenty of space in it, you can easily move with it, e.g. at the airport, and great protection of clothes against possible damage.

Follow the rules to take one that is smaller than you think you will need. We often pack too much. It is better to think carefully about what to take with you and to have less ballast with you when you leave than to haggle too much. A bag of this optimum size has another advantage – if you manage the entire space in it properly, you will avoid the movement of things and, consequently, creases.

How do I pack up on a business trip?

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How to pack yourself on a business trip?

Pack trousers and jackets on the underside of the suitcase. Pants should be laid as they hang on a hanger. Flat enough that in a different plane. Also, lay the jackets flat, cross the sleeves. Fold your shirts in exactly the same way as they lie on the shelf. Don’t worry if you don’t eliminate your wrinkles 100% – they aren’t big and can be dealt with quickly using your hotel’s iron.

Choose coordinated kits – shirts plus trousers. Pack one set less than you think you would need. Choose the monothematic and neutral colors of your clothes, which will match each other in every style.
Underwear – pack one pair of underwear and socks for each day of your journey. If you are facing an evening business meeting on your business trip, you should anticipate the next set. Plus one extra if necessary.

Similar to accessories, pack one strap to fit each pair of trousers. The same applies to ties – they should be compatible with every shirt and jacket.
Take an extra pair of non-professional shoes with you. If you decide to go for an evening walk around the city – you can put on one of the shirts and roll up your sleeves. This will give you a casual effect of your laptop. Keep footwear in a plastic or cloth bag.
You’ll also find the husky jacket useful! Very functional and perfect for traveling. No matter how you fold it in, no creases will occur. It also takes up little space. This type of outer garment fits most circumstances. It will also provide you with thermal comfort and a good appearance.

As in the case of a jacket, when choosing clothes for your trip, pay attention to their functionality. Choose trousers that are crease-resistant.
Of course, you also have to pack the necessary cosmetics and accessories into your suitcase. And if you plan to use the hotel’s swimming pool after work, don’t forget to have a swimming pool.


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