Spelling and SEO

This week we spoke of the SEO to you and misspelling. It affects?

All we want for our websites some perfect texts: without lack, with tildes, etc. we want It, point. But it is what we needed to position itself?

It is a very interesting subject and to consider very. The problems that arise I am going them to divide in three: finders (usuary that looks for information), Google and readers (usuary that read that content).

Spelling and SEO

Finders or users who realise a search in Google.

At the time of realising a search, habitually, we are in a hurry search the information, used mobiles that make difficult the writing and mainly are vague. That takes to us to realise searches with misspelling, without tildes, etc.


spelling and SEO - phonetic searches

Google in principle does not have inconvenient major in which something is bad writing. It is more, will suggest words to you that can be what you are looking for in case you make a search of which sounds to you phonetically but you do not know as it is written. In other cases it will correct the tilde to you or it will separate the word or it will change K because or what is.

Readers or users who accede to that information.

In this third group it is the key. If as reader you accede to a Web that he does not respect the grammar and the spelling is very probable that it generates distrust to you. Especially when we spoke of professional pages: companies, banks, public administration€¦

That is to say, that our lack are going to entail a greater rate by ricochet and we will lose, foreseeably, a reader or a potential client. And this yes is a factor that is going to affect to the SEO.

Then does the spelling affect to the SEO?

The answer is forceful. Yes, it affects. But there is a very simple test that you yourself you can make when finishing this article: To realise a search of a word that takes to tilde and another search of the same word without tilde. For example: truck.

You are going to be able to see that the similar results although are not equal. But the problem goes a little further on. Which of the two has more searches? Which I use?

You remember the Google Trends tool? (in the connection we spoke of her) we have made the exercise that proposed to you but with this tool. What you think that more looks for: truck or truck?

spelling and SEO - comparative truck and truck

If in your Web/blog you had to choose for which form you would pour off yourself? By that it has more searches or by the correct one. Sometimes, when we worked in the SEO we must ask our clients: You want that it writes it or or you want that they find you?

You need help?

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