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Almost two years ago we published this article and we have decided to recover it, to improve it and to update it. This is the information that we are going to you to offer. What is a certificate SSL? A certificate SSL serves to offer security to the visitor of its Web or blog. It is a way to say to his clients/visitors to them who the site€¦

This week I am going to speak of another gratuitous tool for bloggers or blogueros to you. I do not know clearly which is the best term to define to you. In any case we are going to speak of Google Trends, what is? why it serves? how I use it? A small guide of pocket so that we can accede€¦

We are going to analyze how we can work the key words to be able to write up a great article thinking in terms of positioning SEO. That is to say, without forgetting us in any case that the articles we wrote them for people and it does not stop Google we are going to try to secure those words who will position themselves better and€¦