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Always, always, always we recommended to contract a maintenance in WordPress our clients. Why? Because this goes beyond clicking in the button to update that it brings our panel of administration. We are going to try to explain some very habitual problems that we were and by that a maintenance adapted to your needs, is important.

Some habitual problems that Web solves to a maintenance

White screenshot

Sometimes has your blog when updating happened the €œwhite screenshot€? It is probable perhaps that yes€¦ but the important thing is not how is solved since I imagine that there are thousand articles in Internet that explain it (we have our own article here), is if you have knowledge and tools to do it without €œbreaking nothing else€ and in a prudential time.

Error wordpress for unavailable Briefly scheduled maintenance


Redirections: Whether your Web is corporative as if you have a blog, is very probable that throughout the time you have touched some URL by the reason that was. You have redirected? You know what implies for your SEO?

Errors 404

Errors 404: As in the previous case, you can that a page you have modified it or eliminated and you forgot to redirect now and shows an error 404€¦ you know that if we personalized the error page we can cause that crawler of Google it does not leave our page? In addition, clearly, to show to a much more interesting message for the possible client whom a simple error.


Time: Sometimes the people we make orders to the supermarket so that they bring the purchase, or contracts personal of cleaning for your office, or you take the car to the factory instead of to see a video of youtube where they explain how to fix it to you. Why? Per time€¦ and security. To trust professionals is the key of the good operation.

Advising and consultancy

Advising and consultancy: If you have doubts exceed how to do something in your Web: plugins, subjects, CSS€¦ we helped and advised you. Our experience in many cases is sufficient, and if something we do not know it, we are we who we spent our time in looking for the solution your problem.

You need help?

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  • Positioning Web Valladolid

    Them Lacking also the subject of the Security and to maintain updated the system that is important without a doubt, often the client by the subject of the cost does not see it in one first instance and later when he is critical it is lamented.
    Deberia to recommend it to several of our clients so that they see or has the vision of with often tempering this subject wants WP because he is easy to handle and are very showy sites, but many forget to maintain them.

    30 July, 2019 AT 10:23 p.m. To respond
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