What is a certificate SSL?

Almost two years ago we published this article and we have decided to recover it, to improve it and to update it. This is the information that we are going to you to offer.

What is a certificate SSL?

Certificate SSL

A certificate SSL serves to offer security to the visitor of its Web or blog. It is a way to say to his clients/visitors to them who the site is authentic, real and safe to enter personal data.

SSL (in English Secure Socket Layer), is a security protocol that causes that their data safely transmit between the servant and the usuary Web, mendiante the coding or encryption of these.

When having a certificate SSL, our data are encriptados and we can assure that nobody can read its content. In order to be able to use a certificate SSL, in his webpage or blog or hosting or servant whom it contracted it has support to SSL


Important to have a certificate SSL in your Web/is blog?

Yes. These certificates are devised to be a protective shield before the attempt of robbery of data during the transactions in a webpage. Reason why the majority of the users of Webs or blogs does not need them. Then why I have shelp that yes? Simple, Google already has warned that having a certificate SSL it helps to improve the positioning of your Web. Reason why although it does not contribute any extra security to us to our Web, yes serves so that Google makes us improve a little, welcome is.

In addition, for some months the navigators are showing a message to us of €œsite not surely€ when we entered a Web that does not have certificate. Reason why to all the previous one we must add a negative experience to him of user when nothing else to enter a website we were with this message. We spoke of this error and other many assignments to you by Webs of companies here.

Certificate SSLIs expensive a certificate SSL?

It depends. The majority of hosting offers a certificate SSL free. We, in hosting who we offer to our clients, are not less and offer that complement with Let's Encrypt free.

In the following point we will mention the three certificate types that there are and its cost varies between some types and others and the responsibilities that are assumed.

Certificate types

DV €“ Validation of Domain.

This it is easiest to obtain and the one that is offered free in almost all the Hostings. In this case which does is to validate the name of the domain, reason why we are sure that it will base the information which we interchange between that Web and the navigator.

OV- Validation of the Organization.

In this case which is verified it is the company that there is behind a Web. That is to say, it is a form to say that it is a site surely also and in addition a safe company. It is possible to be demanded economic compensation in case breaches exist, etc.

EV- Extended Validation.

It is the highest validation. Also it is the most expensive certificate. In this case it will show next to the green padlock the name to us of our brand, principle guarantee to be before the Web of that company.

And if my hosting does not have gratuitous certificate SSL?

Google is not going to you to place first to only have an installed gratuitous certificate. But not to have it is not better option. In addition to the real risk of encryption it is, as it commented before, the experience of that user whom that sees the Web in which is sailing she is not safe.

I want to install it but I do not know.

For we are. In web-design-uk.net we installed the certificates that to you hosting or one new one of payment offers your, according to your needs. He contacts with us and we see what can be done. And if you have it with us, be not worried to you since your certificate comes installed when activating the Web.

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